Betterpark Hochzillertal

Pure Freestyle

The Whole Year

The Betterpark Hochzillertal is located directly below the exit of the 8-seater Snow Express. The snow park has a total length of 320 m and has now been given its own lift. The snow park offers different areas for all skill levels. You can choose between Beginner Line, Medium Line, Pro Line, Jib Line and XL-Kicker Line.

XL-Kicker Line: Kicker 18 m, Flat Rail 8 m
Pro Line: Kicker 10 m, Kicker 12 m
Medium Line:  Kicker 6 m, Kicker 8 m
Easy Line: Jump Box 4 m, Flat Box 4 m, Down Box 4 m, Jump Box 4 m
Jib Line 1/2:

Down Industry 6 m, Banana Slide Tank 6 m, Up Box 6 m, Flat Industry Donkey 6 m,

Jib Line 2/2:

Down Rail 8 m, Flat/Down Rail 8 m, Flat Rail 4 m, Elbow Rail 8 m, Flat Tube 7 m

High Quality

for people who are passionate about freestyle!



You can relax in the chill-out area. Consisting of deck chairs and a container with a music system, you can watch what is going on in the entire park. The highlight in the Betterpark Hochzillertal is the XL kicker, which invites you to "shoot" and offers the audience a great show in the chill-out area and at the chairlift.




  • Kicker = jump
  • Rail / Box = railing / box to slide over
  • Wallride = slightly inclined wall made of wood for jumping up and down,
  • Pro = high difficulty
  • Medium = medium difficulty
  • Easy = easy difficulty

Opening hours

Daily from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

We generally try to open as early as possible! After nightly snowfall, the morning preparation can take longer! We ask for your understanding and ask not to enter the closed snow park due to work with the snow groomer! Thanks a lot!